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Safe Playground Flooring

Playground Rubber Flooring specialises in delivering top-notch solutions for playground safety surfaces, offering a comprehensive range that includes wet pour rubber surfaces and synthetic turf for soft fall applications.

Compliant with Australian standards for critical fall height certification, our playground softfall solutions ensure a secure, non-slip, and weather-resistant environment suitable for both outdoor and covered playground spaces.

Our clientele spans across various sectors, including child care centers, preschools, schools, sporting clubs, aged care facilities, councils, gyms, as well as residential and commercial clients. At Playground Rubber Flooring, we take pride in delivering outstanding service, impeccable workmanship, and premium soft fall and synthetic turf products. Our commitment is unwavering. We strive for perfection in every installation.

Dedicated to environmental responsibility, Playground Rubber Flooring actively minimises its ecological footprint by adopting economically sustainable practices. We utilise recycled rubber from discarded Australian tires to create innovative, locally manufactured rubber flooring products.

Embracing the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle, Playground Rubber Flooring ensures that all safety flooring products are crafted with cutting-edge technology, maintaining the highest standards throughout the manufacturing process. This commitment results in unparalleled quality control and consistent product excellence.

Every child deserves a safe and joyful space to play.

Our playground flooring is not just rubber; it’s a commitment to creating outdoor havens where laughter echoes and imaginations soar.”

Karl Stan

Founder & Safe Playground Flooring

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