Other Applications

Other Applications

Other Applications

Long Jump

Primary school long jump ramp and pit with rubber soft fall edging.

Equine Surfacing

Equine rubber surface is a heavy duty product that has been specifically developed for equine applications. It offers a seamless, durable and hardwearing surface that is non-slip, easy to maintain, comfortable for horses and suitable for most Equine surfacing applications such as Breezeways, Walkways, Parade Rings, Stable Floors, Horse Walkers, Trucks, Trailers and Horse Floats.

Trailer Trays

Safe Flooring can protect your trailer and ute trays from damage and increase longevity. Our rubber matting allows air to circulate and prevent water collection, which will help prevent rust forming at the bottom of the tray.

It also increases the safety components, as is provides a non-slip surface and prevents the mat from moving.


Bendas are flexible rubber bollards with a steel reinforced base and internal chain. Designed to be used for traffic calming in areas with a continuous high risk of minor collision. Bendas have the ability to bend to almost 30 degrees and then rebound completely to the upright position.

The product is made from solid recycled rubber. Its uniquely engineered design can withstand side-loading pressure from all four directions. Bendas are extremely flexible and a hard wearing product.

Rubber Playground Equipment

Our large range of rubber moulded products can be used on their own to create fitness trails or incorporated into a play area to further develop a child’s imagination in theme play.

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